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Support L4 Cares

Your donation will help L4 Cares to care for the "least", the "last", the "lost", the "lonely."

To make a tax-deduction, please make a donation by credit card or send a check to the information below. Together, we will make a difference. 


Sponsor a Program

Operation Superhero                                                                                                

The annual cost for weekly character visits and toys                                           $6000

The cost for one month of weekly character visits and toys                                   $500

The cost of one character visit                                                                              $125

The cost of a new costume                                                                                   $200


Operation Enduring Deployment

The cost of items in the care package and a welcome home celebration             $500

Tickets to local sporting events for veterans                                                       $100

Operation Not Forgotten

The cost to bring in an Elvis or Neil Diamond Impersonator                                  $200

The cost of items to hand out to the elderly (one event)                                        $250

General Contribution                                                                                            $ 

Make a reoccurring payment or a one time donation. Any amount helps.

Mail checks to:

L4 Cares

 136 Parker Ct., Liberty Hill, Texas 78642

When you order from 

Amazon, log onto Amazon Smiles and chose L4 Cares as you organization to support. They will donate .05% towards L4 Cares.


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