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L4 Cares founder, Kendra Cofer has spent over thirty years as an executive in corporate America, all the while volunteering endless hours with many non profits. Through her journey, she has met many likeminded people who also have a passion for helping others. Taking a leap of faith, Kendra felt like she was being lead to create L4 Cares. She personally can identify with, the Least, the Last, the Lost and the Lonely through various life experiences.


After years of working with people in need, Kendra took notice that when someone would actually take the time to purposely connect with those around them, they often learned the unspoken needs of others. Pride often keeps people hurting in silence. While our fast paced society; keeps our eyes are glued to our smartphones and electronics, we miss the small subtle cues of the people around us. People that just need a smile, a simple act of kindness or need help in a big way. We encourage you to go to our Facebook page and share your stories, and together we can change lives, one story at a time. #KindnessIsEasyYall

Our Mission

L4 Cares implements programs that address the needs of “the Least, the Last, the Lost and the Lonely.” L4 Cares primary mission is to train and send Ambassadors to work at the local levels to raise social consciousness about the state and condition of “the Least, the Last, the Lost, the Lonely.” These Ambassadors will address the identified needs in a community by engaging volunteers, coordinating fundraising activities, and providing input on how L4 Cares resources should be applied to the community. Our programs support the military, seniors, families who have a child battling a terminal disease and people in crisis.


While L4 Cares is primarily focused on addressing ongoing individual needs for assistance (not monetary), the organization will participate in efforts to provide emergency assistance as needed, through its resources. In addition, L4 Cares programs will focus on reducing corporate waste while also engaging our youth in various acts of kindness within the community.


L4 Cares about transparency, being good stewards of our supporter’s donations, time and resources.


Kendra Cofer, Founder

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