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"Be Our Superhero: Sponsor a Visit to Dell Children's Hospital!"

🌟 Be a Superhero: Sponsor a Weekly Visit to Dell Children's Hospital! 🌟

Would you like to spread joy and make a real difference in the lives of children at Dell Children's Hospital? Consider sponsoring one of our weekly visits!

For just $225, your generous donation will cover the cost of:

  • Hiring our talented actor to bring smiles to the children's faces

  • Providing snacks for families during their hospital stay

  • Purchasing toys to brighten the day of young patients​

As a token of our gratitude, the character of the week will give you a personalized video shoutout from the hospital, thanking you for being our superhero! Additionally, we'll create a fun photo for your social media, showcasing your support and kindness.

Join us in spreading love and hope to these brave children and their families. Your sponsorship will make a world of difference!

Thank you for being a superhero in our community!

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